Saturday, June 11, 2016

Planning mode

Life lately is full of lambs, wishing it was still ski season (but also enjoying warm weather), hiking, cooking a ton, and planning for our trip to Germany (which I am sooo excited to blog about when we return).

Some related reading material:

Three worthless exercises for skiiers and what to do instead

A Couple Traveler's road trip through Bavaria to plan our own trip around Bavaria and the Black Forest regions!

We have a local food truck that makes banh mi sandwiches - these look amazing

Loved this post on second hand clothing with thredUP. Natalie Jean's blog retired, but I found Oh Dear Drea just in time!

Story of my life...but I'm working on it!

I've been loving the Daily Worth & this post on "how much home" you could and should buy. We bought our home two years ago and thought through all of these things - wouldn't change a thing (except now we want a tiny home).

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