Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Take a hike

Hiking is one of our favorite hobbies and how we try to stay strong for ski season. We spent about six years living in Colorado where it seemed like everyone hiked all the time. It's kind of why you live there! When we moved back east, I couldn't imagine moving back to land that was as flat as what I grew up on. There are so many great hikes on the east coast, but here are just a few that we've enjoyed over the last few seasons:

Hands down, my favorite trip from last summer was camping in the Bigelow Preserve. As much as I love and miss the Rockies, I don't miss the crowds. You know that feeling? "I hope there aren't too many people here...maybe it will just be us...", then you find 15 other cars at the trail head at 7:30am. It's awesome that so many people like to get out and explore, but it's hard to find those trails and places where you really feel alone (we haven't been to Alaska yet...but I assume once we go, we'll never leave). The Bigelow Preserve actually gave us that feeling of solitude. That feeling of good lonesome. On July 4th weekend, we drove up the dirt road to our campsite and I kept thinking, "we'll round this corner and then we'll see all the cars", but it never happened. When we hiked up to Avery Peak, we saw maybe 5 other people on a pretty length hike, on JULY 4TH WEEKEND. I wrote more about the Bigelow Preserve last summer in this post.

I am trying to embrace and learn more about the White Mountains. My husband grew up in the Greens and we spent so long enjoying the Rockies, that the White Mountains feel like the ugly step child right now...which is pretty ridiculous since they are so awesome. Mt. Stinson is a fun hike that's not too far off the beaten path, but gives you quite a few miles in the woods.

Q Burke! Hiking ski resorts is great in the summer, as long as you aren't trespassing. In the east, great views are hard to get until you have reached the summit or a lookout because you're never really above treeline. A maintained ski resort in the summer can offer those great views the whole way up if you're climbing an access road or straight up a trail. A luxury of hiking Burke is getting to take the paved access road on the way down (or up if you prefer).

Mount Elmore is a beautiful hike, but I'm a bit bias since this is where we got married. Either way, it's a short hike and you can wrap up by grabbing a sandwich at the village store and hanging out at the Lake Elmore beach. Last summer we hike up in the morning, then rented a paddle boat for the afternoon on the lake...four grown adults on a paddle boat. It was the hardest I've laughed in a very long time!

Another favorite was Mt. Pisgah with a gorgeous view of Lake Willoughby for my 25th birthday...on a side note, I can't believe I'm turning 27 in August and I can't believe this blog is 2 years old!

What are your favorite hikes? I would love to hear about more hikes to put on our short list!


  1. These are stunning photos!
    I never had the opportunity to hike yet, but Alaska is definitely on top of my wish list.

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I hope you go hiking soon!

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