Sunday, May 22, 2016

Even more lambs

This year we welcomed six baby girls onto our pasture, which is two more than the last few years. As you can see, they are adorable and, with all of the apple trees blossoming, they make great photography subjects! 

Although winter left a bit to be desired for getting our 50 days in of skiing (only made it to 38), the lack of snow this spring has let us get ahead on chores and maintaining the pasture. I've mentioned before that the previous owners kept two cows on the land and a pig behind our small barn. The pig really did a number on the land and we have been fixing the eroded hillside over the last two spring/summer seasons now. At the same time, we're trying to maintain the pasture that we keep the lambs on so that we don't overgraze it. We'll be putting up a fence to rotate them through and properly fertilize different sections.

We have two lambs this year that have pretty distinct markings! It's realllllly hard not to call this one above "Dotty" and another one with brown spots "Caramel", but we're trying to stay strong on the whole "don't name your food" thing.

Since we had a very mild winter, the ticks are already ridiculous in New England. We've pulled a couple off the lambs and have been watching Ella like a hawk. They tend to get on their eyelids and any other spots where the skin is showing. The outdoor chores are starting to pile up and I'm trying my hand again at gardening. We downsized to one small bed for carrots, beets, spinach, squash, some early lettuce, and cucumber and then containers for things like tomato and pepper plants (in case it gets too cold and I need to pull them in). We'll grow lettuce again in the PVC pipe-planters, but haven't gotten around to getting those out and filled yet.

We are holding off on getting the meat birds until mid-July this year, so that we can get them outdoors earlier and because we have some trips planned over the next few months. We have talked about this being the last year we get them, but every time we sit down to a dinner of the juiciest, tastiest chicken ever we usually say "well maybe one more year!"

I'm seeing a lot of other bloggers jump on the chicken-train with laying hens, which is super exciting. I'm not sure we will go back to laying hens until we can build an indestructible fortress to keep them safe, but it is very tempting when you see all the chicks this time of year!

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