Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Cleaning

In between days at work and days spent squeezing in the last bit of skiing on the (very) last bits of snow we can find, I'm cleaning this whole damn house!

The internet has endless amounts of Spring Cleaning inspiration:

Cleaning your way to better mental health

Get rid of your monthly subscriptions!

10 things you wouldn't think to clean

and an answer to the question: Should I keep this?

...and have you heard of ThredUP? It's awesome! Hey Natalie Jean just featured it on her blog and I'm pretty impressed. We have a great local consignment shop, but I think my new process will go local consignment > ThredUP > buy new anytime I'm looking for a new something or other.

My soap box right now: Spring is a great time to get a hold of your finances. I know there are lots of fancy apps and websites to tally up your spending, but we started saving receipts and sticking them in a mason jar over 8 months ago. At the end of each month, we record our spending in a spreadsheet that has a column for things like groceries, gas, recreation, monthly bills. We also get down to the details of things like beer at the bar versus beer at home so that we have good data on just how much these things cost. It's been a great exercise to see where our money goes each month. We also track savings so that we have a handle on the whole picture. I've been following along with lifestyle blogs for a few years now and I'm disappointed to see so many bloggers encourage frivolous spending, so I've been on a bit of a kick lately thinking about how I could introduce a more responsible way of thinking into this lifestyle blogging community. As a woman, I tend to feel particularly targeted to all the extras of makeup, hair products, and designer clothing that so many bloggers write about. I mentioned Hey Natalie Jean above and one thing that I tend to appreciate about her blog is that she features second-hand clothing and companies that sell used furniture and other items to decorate your home. I also recently discovered Daily Worth - a female-centric website where you can find posts about saving, investing, and career. So far, I've liked what I've read! Check out Spring Cleaning Your Finances.

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