Monday, March 14, 2016

Free Range: Killington's Motor Room Bar

So if you have been skiing on a budget like we have, chances are you might have a little cash to have some fun with. For my husband's birthday, I surprised him with a trip up to Killington Mountain's Motor Room Bar. 

After a bulletproof day of skiing (conditions have been a bit rough in the east this year), we met the snowcat at Umbrella Bar at the base. Then it was up to the top of Bear Mountain, about a 20 minute snowcat ride in total.

Holding tight onto the railings, we climbed a steep set of stairs up into the motor room of a retired chairlift. A full spread of (very) heavy hors d'oeuvres and a well stocked bar were waiting for us at the top.

I had a feeling that the food would be good when I made our reservation, but my expectations were  blown away! Bison pinwheels, zucchini cornmeal pancakes with smoked chicken mousse, personal fondue plates, marinated portobello, and more duck than you could ever imagine were cooked in front of us on a small stone hot plate.

Cheese....sooo much cheese. Everywhere. Delicious Vermont cheeses stacked on crusty breads with generous dollops of Vermont maple syrup. A favorite were the grapes rolled in goat cheese and coated with pistachios, dipped into a lavender infused honey.

The sun was setting, the fondue was bubbling, and the bourbon was tasting pretty good at 3200 feet.

Dessert was a pan full of beignets sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzled with caramel. With the lights of the little mountain town twinkling below and the snowcat pulling up for us outside, it was time to head back down to reality.

Stuffed and happy, we decided we wouldn't need to go to dinner afterwards.

I would highly recommend the Motor Room Bar at Killington! Even for locals or people who frequent the mountain, it's a great way to experience it. Our hosts, Rich and Josh, were also amazing. They made us feel so comfortable and really kept the conversation flowing, even though there were only four of us in our group with four others that we were just meeting for the first time. Since it's apr├Ęs-ski, you meet the snowcat at 5pm and they have you back down just after 7 o'clock. Reservations are for groups up to 10, but we were lucky and only had to split the food 8 ways!

The Motor Room Bar takes reservations pretty far in advance and I wouldn't imagine they have anything left for this season, but I would put it on the list for winter activities next year.

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