Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lessons in Home Ownership

Owning a home is no joke. There is the whole mortgage, etc. thing (money) - but once you get passed that you're still maintaining and possibly even improving your home for the rest of your existence. Sometimes it feels that way...laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting...until the day that I die. It's either me or the house and my money is on this house...literally. But also, it was built in 1816, so it's got some years on me.

^^ Pretty pictures like this take work..tablecloths and dishes aren't just miraculously clean. But I am very grateful for a roof over our heads, even if it's filled with dog hair.

This week I learned the very important lesson that chemical based cleaners don't always do the trick. The kitchen sink was clogged and thinking that I was going to be a handy wife, I picked up some drain cleaner at the store (but at least did the due diligence to be sure it was septic safe). It turns out that drain cleaner sometimes just pushes the clog further down. Who knew? So when that happens, your husband has to buy a contraption to snake the drain and repeat a vinegar + baking soda + boiling water rinse through the drain 10-ish times. I'll also add that I wasn't working last week...so this is what happens when you're sitting around the house thinking about all the stuff you could do in your spare time. It's not good. 

On a great note - we brewed beer today! Hooray! For the first time in probably a year...that's crazy. But, we brewed 2 batches. So more to come on that. 



  1. Our house is full of dog hair too, and I do the minimum cleaning/maintenance, but prefer to spend my time outside in the garden. It definitely does take work to look after your house and its worth it, its a major investment, which will devalue if you don't put some time into it... unfortunately! Sometimes I wish I was renting again and such things were not my problem!