Saturday, November 14, 2015

2 brews and a hot toddy

Last week we brewed two batches of beer. It had been a while! The first recipe was a slightly hoppy wheat ale and the second was an English Mild. Both will be low alcohol, sessionable beers (you are able to have a few in one sitting without getting totally bombed). It's stick season around these parts, so homebrewing was nice way to spend the day outdoors when we otherwise would have been sitting inside thinking about how brown out it is.

During the first batch, we decided to mix up a couple of homebrewer hot toddies. I remember thinking this was the best thing ever when I first started brewing with my husband. Homebrewing takes patience, right? You have to wait a while for that sugary liquid to ferment and make beer. These hot toddies are some semi-instant gratification. 

If you are a homebrewer and haven't made them before, they are easy. Once you are done mashing, take some of your wort and mix it with 1 ounce of whiskey. Our whiskey of choice for these was some 1792 bourbon. I had mine with a lemon slice. 

Interested in homebrewing? Check out more details from another one of our brew sessions here.

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