Sunday, October 18, 2015

In the works

The colors are beautiful in the fall. I have noticed however that the reds aren't as bright this year...I keep asking around about why that is and either people aren't noticing or they just make up a reason. I know it was a bad year for corn (we had an unseasonably cool June!), but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. If someone has the real answer to this, then I'm all ears!

Either way - it's still been a treat to watch the seasons change. We spent some time over on Lake George in NY with family last weekend. On the way over, we checked out the grand opening of Battle Hill Brewing Company. Drinkable beer all around, but my favorite was their red ale. Not ones to miss a good tasting, we also swung into Lake George Distilling Company and took a bottle of the 32 Mile Moonshine with us for the road (well, not really for the road...that's just a saying).

^^ Bear on a boat 

Back at home, we have been trying to clean off the apple trees and have been making gallons of sauce. We also have some new projects in the works. 

^^ Priming the ski press...step #4 or 5 in making the ski press

I'll share more about the picture above in another post, but today is opening day at Killington! Time to dust off the skis (that we only put away 5 or 6 short months ago) and get back out there. 

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