Saturday, September 19, 2015

Local treats

I love shopping for local foods outside of what we can't raise on our own. I've been a failure when it comes to gardening, so we like to pick up our produce from a good farm stand in the summer which shakes out to be cheaper than the grocery store anyway. In the winter, it's harder to find fresh local produce because well...it's winter. I know that we have become so accustomed as a society to being able to pick up a lemon or lime in January without giving too much thought to where it comes from. We try to keep those types of things limited - but we are not perfect and it happens.

This summer we went to a local festival of "earthly delights". The annual event focuses less on the "straight from the earth" kind of stuff and more on the "local crafts-person produced" which is pretty cool because again - we're not perfect and no one really is so rather than go straight for the Little Debbie section of the grocery store, it's nice to have some local options for treats.

^^ locally made hot sauce and hot was an understatement

^^ Grinder plates for grinding garlic to mix with oil for dipping bread. The creator is part of WREN - the Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network, an inspiring non-profit to encourage female small business owners

^^ Acorn flour! from Oaklore. So cool and another option for gluten free flour. The creators forage for local acorns and then grind them down into flour.

Local foods, local restaurants, drinks, and some crafts, and live music from local bands made for a very nice summer afternoon.

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