Friday, August 21, 2015

Flea markets

It's Friday! Any weekend plans? Drive through most towns in northern New England on a summer weekend and you can usually find a solid flea market. Flea markets provide an amazing opportunity to pilfer through other people's junk. For every booth full of things that probably belong in a landfill, there are usually one or two where you can find some really cool second hand stuff. 

It also makes for some good people watching. I'm sure it takes a special kind of individual to load a truck or van full of paraphernalia and set up camp to haggle every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer. I usually leave convinced that I should quit my job, buy a van, and take to life on the road as a wheeler & dealer with the rest of them.

The markets will usually benefit a local cause too, like a volunteer fire department or emergency service, since each vendor has to pay for their own little plot. So it's really a win for everyone.

It's been a good summer for picking up second hand items. I made commitment to myself at the beginning of the summer that before I buy brand new clothes or items, I would try to find the item I'm looking for at a thrift shop first (ya know, cause the environment). I got a bargain at a local thrift store on 2 of the best fitting pairs of jeans I've ever owned - $15 for both (one pair originally from American Eagle and the other were Silver brand). 

At the flea markets, we've been on a quest for maps (I'm not totally sold on the idea of buying clothes at a flea market...trying them on seems like it'd be tricky and I'm not even sure that's an option) - we're building quite the map collection and ended up finding a woman who had boxes full of maps and booklets that were decades old. We'll frame one brochure advertising a getaway to New Hampshire's White Mountains from the 1960's. One of the books has maps and landmarks in Quebec from the 70's and I'd love to do a trip along the same path to see what has changed since then. 

Looking forward to the weekend! Cheers!


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