Monday, July 27, 2015

Thousand Islands

I grew up a boating kid. My mom says that they had me out on the boat when I was 8 days old (she had apparently lost her patience with visitors). I was swimming at two years old and faking the "dead mans float" for fun shortly after. Summer after summer, I couldn't imagine leaving the river and the islands. I'm still a water baby at heart, but I grew to love the mountains when I moved out west for college. The only thing missing in all those beautiful Rocky Mountain valleys was water. So we reverse-pioneered it and now that we are settled into the mountains of the northeast, I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

Over the last few years, my parents started living on our boat seasonally and in the last 6 months, they sold their house and went all in on boat life. Seems crazy, but I admire their life of minimalism. All they own fits in a storage locker and a boat. Even just owning our house for the last few years, I'm amazed with how much "stuff" has piled up and like to purge things periodically that I know we aren't using. It's easy to have a lot of stuff though when you have hobbies. Homebrewing, keeping the animals, skiing, camping, and owning a piece of land that takes more than a push mower to maintain will do that to you. 

Last weekend we left behind our stuff and joined my parents on the boat for a visit. It's always nice to be home and the beauty of the river has not changed a bit.


  1. Hey you got a photo of a guy on a water jetpack thing. Those are so cool.

    1. Hey Jenny! I know, so cool! I actually never seen one before.