Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Easy way to grow lettuce

I have not had the best luck with gardening! Well, last summer's cause for failure was obvious - I struggled to keep up with weeding. The space was too large and overwhelming and we only managed to get a few tomatoes, peppers, and snap peas out of about a 12 x 6 foot plot.

This year I decided to go easy on myself and go smaller with a 6 x 6 plot. It has been less of a chore to keep up with the weeding and things seem to be growing okay, but not great. We had a lot of rain in the month of June, so I'm afraid some of the roots were drown because the soil wasn't aerated enough. I still have hopes though and the arugula seems to have no problem growing like a weed (photo above).

We are also using a trick to grow our lettuce this year. Since we eat about 4 heads of lettuce per week between the two of us, we were looking for weed-free, easy ways to feed our greens habit. Lettuce show you what we found...hah..

The lettuce is growing in two perforated PVC drainage pipes, 10 feet long and 4 inches in diameter.
We drilled out every other hole to be roughly 2 inches wide and filled each pipe with soil, then capped both ends with duct tape. Both are secured to our fence post with garden twine, off of the ground.

In addition to the benefit of weed-free gardening, we should be able to extend the growing season since we won't be planting seeds into the cold ground. They aren't the prettiest things, but you can't beat fresh lettuce! I imagine this would be great for people with limited space for a garden. We saw a few examples on urban agriculture blogs.

So for next year, we may turn to raised beds - but at least we are making progress!

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