Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where did we go?

So I may have geeked out a bit too much in my last post about number crunching and process mapping out the chicken situation. I decided to keep this one brief, but share our dark secret.

It's obvious that we took a bit of a winter sabbatical from the blog world. With the first day of summer under our belts and most people finally recovering from their seasonal depression, I figured it would be safe to out ourselves as winter lovers. People who love and live for snow from October to April. I know...we are sick.

We were too busy skiing to blog this winter. So there you have it. Mystery solved.

Warm weather and photos to come.


  1. haha, I did wonder where you went! I love winter too, but only because our summers are ridiculously hot and humid!

    1. Winters put us in hibernation mode but also ski mode :) Funny, you must be gearing up for winter right now? We are just starting our summer.