Friday, May 22, 2015

The boys are back in town

A little update from our crazy farm as travel for work and for fun starts to slow down a bit.

The lambies are home again! Well, four new ones. This year we got ram lambs (that's fun to say) from the same farm in southern Vermont. They seem quieter than the ladies, though we haven't been as generous with the grain this year. We want them to eat more grass and we are definitely getting what we want.

 They are of course cute and we may have named one of them Buddy. We are happy to have a farm full of animals again for the summer.

The chickens have turned into monsters, but I have become less afraid of them this year. We have already had to process two ahead of schedule just because they were getting too fat and couldn't move. This cornish rock breed is rough. I'd like to do freedom rangers next year, but I'm getting some push back because they take 20 weeks compared to 10. We have the meat birds on a feeding schedule, but a few always manage to eat for 5 birds. We are moving the fencing every 3 days or so to fresh grass and they seem to be loving life.

Happy chickens = happy farmers. My sister-in-law recently told me about the John Oliver segment on contract farming. It breaks my heart how food has become (or maybe has always been) a social justice issue. See more here if you are interested.

We are gearing up for summer and are so happy that the weather is warming up! I can't believe we were skiing at the beginning of this month. 


  1. Glad to see some animals returning to your pasture. Next time I look into getting a breed of chooks to fill the freezer I am going to get something else. Our light sussex took 16 weeks to get large enough - the boys anyways. The girls were slower and took about 22 weeks.

    1. Good to hear from you Lizzie! Do you think you will get a breed that grows faster next time?