Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Bahamian Honeymoon: The last of the rum

Our Abaco honeymoon seems so long ago now. It's hard to imagine what 80 degrees felt like because right now, 30 degrees would feel downright balmy. Tonight the temperature is dropping down to 1 degree (1 DEGREE) Fahrenheit (not even the lowest we have seen in the last week), so I thought I would reminisce in the final post of our trip.

Last we left, we were snorkeling around the dry island of Man-O-War with thermoses full of pain killers and rum swizzles. The next day, we found ourselves at Treasure Cay for the full tourist experience and the Gatorade blue water.

Having had our fill of other people, we took off after lunch to anchor the boat and swim to shore. We had a beach to ourselves for the afternoon where we could tie up our hammocks for a nap.

We boated home that evening in the most beautiful sunset we saw during our trip and that is really saying something because they were all beautiful.

We woke the next morning to an equally beautiful sunrise. The lighting was too great not to snap a bunch of photos.

Towards the end of the week, our other day trips took us to Guana Cay (a trip to the famous and brightly colored Nippers for what was probably one too many rum drinks before a nap on the beach) and back to Hope Town to climb the lighthouse for a view from above of all the islands we had been boating around to. We also made it down to Pete's Pub and Gallery at Little Harbour, another favorite of the trip.

Abaco in November was a great choice for us for a honeymoon. It wasn't quite peak tourist season, but most restaurants and bars were opening back up again. We had beaches to ourselves, quiet restaurants to enjoy long lunches, and a slow pace of life that fit us just right. 

If you ever find yourself planning a trip here, I recommend Lubbers' Landing on Lubbers' Quarter if you are renting a boat. The three cottages were perfect for our style of travel. Having a kitchenette made it easy to store food, pack snacks, and mix up our own drinks (which saved us a TON of money on the trip). 

There are so many different ways to see the Bahamas, I imagine we could go back and do this trip two or three different ways! Charter a catamaran for the week, stay right in Hope Town and rent a golf cart...all ideas for next time!


  1. This is amazing! And I've missed you in the blogging world. I hope your Christmas and new year were cozy and fun and hope there's so much more goodness to come!


    1. That's so sweet of you to say! I've been missing blogging. I actually have no shortage of topics, just shortage of the time to put my fingers on the buttons to write it all out. I hope you are well!

  2. OH wow, this scenery is so beautiful. It is so cold here in NYC I want to be in the Caribbean!!

  3. I miss you- come back to blogging! Hope your doing well, I think of you often:)

    1. You are so sweet! I will return with the spring :) It has been a pretty awesome/relaxing winter full of skiing.