Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Bahamian Honeymoon: The Abacos (Part 2)

In my last post, I glazed over the fact that we flew into a thunderstorm, rented our boat and proceeded out to our destination in the pouring rain. I'm VERY lucky to have married a guy with a great sense of direction. When we got out to sea, I was convinced this was where we would die. He fortunately had the confidence (and knowledge of the charts) to bring us to our accommodations!

When we arrived at Lubbers Quarters, we were famished and tired. After boarding our flight out of the northeast at 5:00am, we decided against cooking anything from the pile of groceries we picked up in Marsh Harbour. Fortunately the clouds parted and the rain stopped. We boated over to White Sound on a mission to find our first, of many, 1/2 dozen orders of conch fritters. We found Seaspray restaurant for a meal followed by a few Goombay Smashes and Kaliks to get our sea legs under us. 

We got back to the island just in time for a walk over to the west side of Lubbers for sunset.

Our first full day in the Abacos called for the 3 R's: rest, relaxation, and rum.

We spent the day on the Atlantic side of Elbow Cay at the Hope Town beach. My traveling companion had the foresight to print drink recipes and stock a full bar in our cottage, so we mixed ourselves up containers each morning to enjoy through out the day. I feel like that is the way to travel. Some people might think we are cheap, but hey...you're right.

We ate lunch in Hope Town at Cap'N Jacks, taking the opportunity to hydrate, order our second helping of conch fritters for the trip, and take in the sight of the lighthouse. The Hope Town lighthouse is iconic in the Abacos and is one of only a few manually powered lighthouses left in the world. It literally beckoned me our entire trip - we finally climbed to the top on our second to last day.

On the close of day 1 as we headed out of the harbor and back to our island before dark, I snapped one last photo of Hope Town with it's beautiful lighthouse. Safe to say, we had a great day!

On day 2, we boated northwest-ish through the sea of Abaco for a day trip to Man-O-Way Cay (key).

I'll say right now, Man-O-War Cay was my favorite of the trip, which was surprising considering what I had read about it. The settlement had been described on many forums as a "God-fearing, boat building, dry island"...so we brought our own rum drinks per usual and knew everything would turn out just fine.

The settlement on Man-O-War was beautiful. All of the houses are New England style, painted in the bright pinks, pastel blues, and white washes of the islands.

Additionally, the people on Man-O-War were the nicest people I think I've ever met in my life. Genuinely nice people with sincere smiles and kind words. We wandered around for a bit before crashing down onto the beach for a rest before lunch at Dock and Dine where, you guessed it, we had our third order of conch fritters for the trip (seriously, I left the Bahamas in a big pink shell).

After lunch we took a nice long walk north on the island to the narrows for an afternoon of swimming and snorkeling (helpful to work off the million pounds of conch fritters we had already consumed).

^^ Always a good reminder after one too many rum drinks.

The best synopsis of the trip in it's entirety: 2 people, 1 boat, 100 island cats, and a quest to discover how many photos of beaches one person can take. The quest continues in Part 3!


  1. amazing!! This is seriously the best vacation ever and I love how relaxed and easy you two are. Finding your way and adventuring around it's just incredible. Had you planned these excursions out beforehand? Seriously, your planning my next trip!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing vacation. I love all the sights you captured.... Abacos looks so colorful and vibrant! Sounds like you have the perfect adventure partner to have by your side too :)

  3. This looks amazing! Was it hot? I'm always so weery about heading more southerly. I once went to Hawaii and nearly died. I hung out at the beach between 6 am and 9 am and then I had to head into the hotel lol. This girl was not built for heat!!

    1. Hi Shy! It was the perfect temperature, mid 70s to 80 * farenheit. Post three will be coming soon! We are a couple of polar bears so I'm with you on that.