Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gratitude Challenge

November. Where did it even come from? In all of the hullabaloo of wedding and work and animal planning, somehow November came along. November is kind of a tough month in New England. It's stick season - no beautiful foliage, no white snow - just twigs and brown..EVERYTHING is brown. It's been easy to get into a negative rut and I realized tonight that I need to turn this around.

A yoga studio I used to practice at when we lived out west holds a "Gratitude Challenge" each November. Their challenge was 20 days of yoga between November 1st and Thanksgiving Day, all the while encouraging yogis to practice with the intent of gratitude in mind. I loved it and I miss it and I'm going to revive it on this little blog.

A bit of a late start into the month, but I want to share a few posts before November 27th reflecting on the things I am grateful for - in particular the minuscule things that totally blow past me day to day. For example, kind words of encouragement from a co-worker or waking up each morning in a warm home on chilly days.

Tonight I will start with three things:

1. A husband who can cook (good food!) and who takes initiative to cook meals without me even asking. I am particularly grateful for that this week.

2. Daily phone calls with my mom. Even at 25, I feel the need to talk to my mom everyday. It's nice to just see how her day is going or to tell her about mine and I love that our relationship has grown into an even stronger friendship as I have gotten older.

3. Lately I have really been valuing my education and I've been grateful for the opportunities I earned and was given throughout my undergraduate and graduate degrees. It feels like a whole other world now, but I've been reflecting back lately to extra-curricular activities, rewarding coursework, and even employment opportunities that my education unlocked and continues to unlock for me.

^^A photo from a gorgeous hike with a few co-workers on a recent work trip out west 

If you are reading this, you should join along with me! Reflect and share what you are grateful for during the month of November.


  1. I want to participate! We're not to that dark rut yet but around February it really hits. A hubby who can cooks sounds pretty amazing, my man can only make eggs;)

  2. the scenery is gorgeous. this sounds like such a great idea!


  3. I'm 25 and can't go, like, 5 hours without talking to my mom, haha, I feel you!

  4. This post made me feel hopeful. I have a bachelor's and master's degree and often feel like they were such a big waste of time and money. Especially just having finished my graduate degree last December, whenever I look back to it, I wonder... what was all the work for? It made me feel hopeful to read about your degrees unlocking doors for you, and that it's not something that happens overnight. Thanks for sharing the thankful feelings :)

    1. I totally understand those feelings. The economy doesn't help either! Just remember all of those tools you gathered along the way and maintain confidence in them no matter what. It's easy to get down with the way people talk about college these days (it seems that the big theme in the media, etc. right now is that it is a big waste).