Friday, November 21, 2014

A Bahamian Honeymoon: The Abacos (Part 1)

Every time we told someone we were headed to the Bahamas for our honeymoon, we felt the need to add "but the 'outer islands'". I'm sure Freeport, Nassau, and Grand Bahama are a blast and all places I would love to see someday. However, if you are familiar with this blog, I don't think it would be a major surprise to find out that we didn't set sail on a cruise ship or head to a big city for our honeymoon. Plane tickets were purchased, lodging arrangements were made, and a boat rental was booked. We were headed to the Abacos - a 120 mile long chain of islands in the Bahamas.

Rewind to the beginning of October: We got married on the 4th, took a breath, I traveled for work at the end of the month, then hopped in a plane to Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. In the midst of all of this, my husband (still adjusting to that term) sent me a link to a travel blog titled "Abaco Ain't For Sissies" where the writer refers to their boat as the "Divorcinator" (perfect for your honeymoon) and continually mentions the terrible water pressure of their shower (was this a problem in general down there or just their rental?!). Well, I don't consider myself a sissy (I mean, we've killed our own chickens, right?) but Tracey's (possibly over-dramatic ;) ) writing scared the crap out of me. Would we survive?  

As it turns out, our style of living is probably more remote than what we were exposed to on our trip. The only difference being that we had a boat for transportation instead of a car. We picked up our boat from Blue Wave rentals of Marsh Harbour and stocked it full of the groceries, our luggage, and booze ("booze" seems like an understatement of what was secured for the 8 day trip) purchased in Marsh Harbour before leaving for our beautiful accommodations on Lubber Quarters Cay. We knew we would have to have the boat back to our dock by dark, so dinner would be cooked in each night, which is really how we prefer it anyway. 

In the search for where we would stay on our trip, we browsed countless "vacation rental by owner" postings and finally found ourselves on the Lubbers' Landing website. Eco-resort, organic latex mattresses, artisan island cocktails...we were sold. Obviously. 

Stuffed with grouper, conch, and any other sea-dwelling creature imaginable, I recorded each day in my little journal recounting which cay we traveled to, where we ate lunch, the sites we saw, and the rum drinks that S mixed us up. This just gets us started, there is plenty more information to come! 


  1. This is seriously my dream vacation!! It sounds amazing, I wouldn't have had the first clue how to book or plan something like this, but I'm coming to you next time!!

  2. This sounds like such a dream honeymoon! Can't wait to read part 2 :) The beaches are so beautiful and the resort looks dreamy!