Friday, October 10, 2014

How are the lambs?

In one word: fat. The lambs will be headed to the freezer in early November, so it is the fattening/finishing period (wish this existed for humans...minus the end point).

It has been a fun summer with these four girls. I think they will always hold a special place in our heart as our first lambs. Some people have found it strange to hear me talk about the lambs like pets, while knowing that their destiny is our Christmas rack of lamb. It's a difficult decision, but one we made when we first got them. It is definitely a mind shift between how we treat Ella (our dog) and how we treat the lambs. That's not to say we treat the lambs poorly, but they don't get to sleep in bed with us.

We started them on grain in April, then they spent all summer on pasture and hay. Now we are feeding all four of them 4 pounds of Blue Seal Lamb Finisher Pels twice per day (2 pounds of finisher pellets per day per lamb). This is four of my make-shift apple cider jug scoops. We haven't weighed them yet, but they are getting to be big girls. Lots of grain and water.

Their fleece has grown much longer than we expected. Originally, we weren't sure if it would be worth the money to sheer them beforehand (versus keeping the hides to tan), but we may have to consider it. I'm not really an expert on the length of the fleece before sheering, so I'll have to look into it.

In other news, we're enjoying newlywed status and the most beautiful Fall. The colors seem a little brighter this year.


  1. Such pretty autumn colours. Those lambs are soooo cute! Great post

    Beth x

  2. It looks amazing! The lambs are so cute and they look so clean and nice. I definitely want to hear what you decide to do with wool and hide and how!

  3. I will fill you in! It's so hard to say what we will do. I am anxious to pick up knitting again, I feel like it could do me some good to get some stress relief :) Not sure if I would have enough wool on these girls to do much with though.