Monday, October 20, 2014

A tour through blogland

I was recently asked by Chelsea at Holland's Reverie to do a "tour through blogland" post. I was a bit hesitant to agree since I'm somewhat new to this whole blogging thing, but it's hard to say "no" to such a sweet person! It's also really cool idea that introduces some of your readers to blogs they may have never heard of before.

Grab a beer or a cup of coffee and prepare yourself to be sucked into the wormhole that is the internet! :) (and I'll warn you now - this one is going to be wordy): 

What am I working on?
 Planting some roots (in the community) and getting ready for winter (& ski season!).

How does my work differ from others in it's genre?
When we settled into our first home and got our first four lambs and chickens, I had a couple suggestions from friends that I should start writing about all of these homesteading shenanigans. My blog differs from other blogs in it's genre because it's a blog about my life and my homesteading and beer shenanigans. I find similar blogs all the time, but at the end of the day all I can write about is how I see things through my eyes. This wouldn't be mine if I was writing about Chanel handbags and my beauty routine (as much as I love hearing about that from others!) because I feel most comfortable in a Carhartt flannel, yoga pants, and muck boots. I think that image alone should sum this one up.   

Why do I write/create what I do?
I love sharing things with others in the same way that I love learning about things myself. I read all sorts of blogs to learn new recipes, experiments, and ways of life so when I sit down to write my own, I try to keep that in mind. 

There is a fine line to walk when writing about some of the things you see here though. It's a little jarring to start thinking about where your food comes from if you haven't before and that leaves me open to negative comments. Even sharing reviews of local beer events/breweries/beers can be a touchy topic for some people and I'm sometimes hesitant to write about those things because it leaves me vulnerable to the craft beer community (seriously, they can be a tough bunch!) Since I'm really just in the beginning stages here, I'm still trying to figure the content thing out and appreciate those who have left kind comments and feedback when they do like something.

How does my writing/creating process work?
We get out and about a lot. It's pretty rare for us to find ourselves with a full day at home on a weekend. When I started this blog I was pulled towards sort of a homesteading/sustainable living tutorial style of writing, but as a little time has gone on now I've realized how much more there is to write about and it's been fun to capture this time in our lives. When we leave the house for an outing, usually the conversation goes something like, "I'll bring my camera!" and S will veto the idea. Every once in a while I get to bring the camera along and blog about things. I do think it's good to have a balance of enjoying an experience without drafting a blog post in my head, so I thank him for that! For the at home stuff, I usually just walk outside and find I have caught the light just right for a photo of the lambies or the property and figure that it is time for an update.

Thank you to Chelsea for the opportunity to continue the tour! Up next are some blogs that I love to follow along with:

Displaying ak.jpg

Ashley is a personal friend (we met through a homebrewing/beer meetup group) and she says, "I'm an aspiring DIY-er, collector, tinker-er, part-time socialite, full-time day-dreamer, lover of side projects & all things creative. "The Someday File" is a space for me to bring my whole self together & find out what makes me happy, where I want to go in life, and what I want to be (if)/when I grow up. It's also where I keep track of ideas, wishes, dreams, goals, epic failures, things that make me wonder, moments that make me learn, & all the things that make me who I am or could be. For the past year, I've tracked my "30 Before 30" list and shared the highs, lows, laughs, and lessons along the way on the journey to 30. When not working a full-time gig in higher education, I like to do little things to make people’s days, create memories that turn into stories, use my imagination, explore my new home in the Upper Valley, & try to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday."

Mike and John :  "Brew Dudes" 

 Displaying These Brew Dudes.jpg

Mike and John write about homebrewing in a super approachable and unintimidating way, but it's still comprehensive enough for the longtime homebrewer. They had this to say about their blog, "With over 23 years of combined homebrewing beer experience, these Brew Dudes present blog posts and videos that are geared towards other homebrewers to help them brew excellent beers. We write for our blog, Brew-Dudes.com, and we write about all facets of the hobby including profiles of ingredients like hops, malts, and yeast strains. Lately we have been trying to tackle the quandary of water chemistry adjustments to improve our beers. Excellent beers can be made at home and we hope the journal of our experience will be an important resource. Brew On!"

Hanna : "World of Wynne"

When I found Hanna's blog and noted the number of times she posted about her dog, Elvis, I knew I'd found an online kindred spirit/dog mom. Hanna had this to say about herself and her blog: "Hi! My name is Hanna and I live with my husband, Alex and our dog in Northern Westchester County, NY, which is an hour outside New York City. My blog, world of wynne, allows me to share snapshots from my everyday life, as well as things that I love and find inspiring. Some of my interests include baking, flea markets, fine art, and nature (particularly beautiful blooms!), and majority of the photos I take consist of flowers, food, and my dog, Elvis!"

Another blog I love to read (but had done a similar post not too long ago) is Eight Acres. Check out Liz's blog! She puts our "sustainable" living to shame and is a real inspiration!!


  1. Thank you for the write-up. Your blog is great and we will be following!

  2. Thanks for the mention Cassie, you've made a great start to blogging, just keep telling your story :)

  3. I have loved your blog from the get go- I like the homesteading, recipes and how to bits, but I also like the personal stuff where we get a better idea of who you are. I understand the part about opening yourself up, I feel the same way when I write about farm life and hunting, it's always a bit if-ey but part of us for sure. Thanks for the new recommendations!

    1. It is so refreshing to read your blog and know that we aren't the only people trying to make these changes for the first time :) Thanks the compliments!

  4. Keep blogging and sharing doesn't matter what you write share whats in your heart, folks will either stick around or they wont. Like the dispatching chickens discussion. I have scared off many vegetarians from our blog. Some other great blogs to check out. I love liz's blog too. She is Super Sustainable puts me to shame too.

  5. Lovely to get to know you a bit better! Am leaving this post open in a tab of its own to remind me to go explore your recommended blogs tomorrow when I have some free time!

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  7. Thank you so much for featuring my blog, Cassie! You have such a lovely blog, and I am so grateful for your support! xo

    1. You are welcome! Looking forward to seeing what comes next :) and to more pictures of Elvis!

  8. i love reading about other peoples creative processes, and i'm so excited for ski season, too!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Can't wait for ski season. I've been enjoying reading your blog as well, you have a really interesting idea going with the music that complements your posts AND great taste in music :)