Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's on tap?

It's been a little while since we've talked about the homebrew side of things. In the kegs we have a saison made with brettanomyces yeast and a dunkelweiss. This sunny autumn weather we've been having gave me a great opportunity to snap a shot of both.

The dunkel [pictured right] is a dark German wheat beer brewed with ale yeast versus the traditional lager. We haven't taken the plunge into temperature control for our fermentation, so we will have to stick with the ale yeast for now. This dunkel has a delicious caramel taste - but not too sweet, though it could have probably been better balanced if it had been lagered. The body is more crisp than you would imagine for such a dark beer. Some of my favorite commercial dunkels are from Prost Brewing Company in Denver, CO (opened just before we moved and probably one of the places we miss most!) and Trapp Dunkel Lager from Trapp Family Lodge Brewery in Stowe, VT. 

We have been slow to start drinking the saison [pictured left]. It seemed to need a little more time in the keg to mellow out, but it turned out really nice. It's light in body, crisp, and tart. Since saison really just means "season", there is a pretty wide range of what a saison can be, but one of my commercial favorites is Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale from Boulevard Brewing Co.

Both homebrews are relatively low in alcohol (around 4-5%), so they turned out easy to enjoy back to back after taking this picture ;)

The forecast for the next week looks fantastic, so these will hit the spot for a little while longer. But once the days get a bit colder I will probably be reaching for a stout or porter (and have to confess that I broke into an Imperial Pumpkin from Long Trail's brush and barrel series for my first pumpkin beer of the season last night!)



  1. I am so impressed it all seems so confusing to me! Do you sell your beer or is it just a hobby? I have never tried a pumpkin beer- how is it?

    1. Oh I wish we could sell it! Seems like there are just so many regulations and hoops to jump through, for now we are keeping it simple and small. We love to drink our own beer and share it with friends. Maybe someday :) Pumpkin beer is yummy, depending on the brewery! Some breweries lean more pumpkin spice/pie flavor with the beer and others more of a traditional pumpkin (the gourd) flavor. I don't like the spice/pie flavors as much, but definitely depends on taste! I'll try to think of some good suggestions :) Maybe a seasonal beer post is in order.

    2. would love that! I always have a thousand questions for you, someday I'm just going to email you a list of how to's!