Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday morning

My favorite way to procrastinate during undergrad and grad school was cooking and cleaning. I would spend an entire Sunday preparing lunches for the week, cleaning the bathroom/kitchen/anything, just so I didn't have to sit down and write that paper or study for that exam I was putting off. Fast forward to almost a year and a half out of school...things aren't much different (except that I am no longer ignoring an assignment!)

This Sunday morning I've already gotten quite a bit done - filling up the water for the lambs, head count on the chickens (my typical paranoid morning routine...), and a nice walk with Ella bear. She's napping in the sun already (I swear, her inner-animal is an indoor cat), but I'm brewing up a carafe of fresh roasted coffee to get on with my day and get ready for Monday morning to come rolling around.

I'm finishing up some laundry, sanitizing some flip top beer bottles and growlers that have been sitting on the counter top for far too long, sweep/vacuum to try to remove every last strand of dog hair in this house (not a chance), and I have a few recipes to try including Joy the Baker's Apple Pie Biscuits as part of King Arthur's #bakingbootcamp.

We have some pork ribs I'm throwing in the slow cooker for dinner tonight with a homemade vinegar slaw and mashed sweet potatoes for sides. I'd like to make-ahead some flat bread dough and a loaf of bread for the week too, though I still have some serious anxiety from the last time I made bread. Ella took a few mouth fulls of the raw dough out of the bowl while we weren't looking (which is INCREDIBLY dangerous for dogs FYI). She didn't eat enough to do serious harm, but I have learned my lesson on how high up I need to store rising dough.

Which reminds me, September is Responsible Dog Owner month. Contrary to the raw dough hiccup, I'd like to believe we are really responsible dog owners for our little rescue pup. Maybe I will write up a post in honor of the month.

I also have a spaghetti squash that I am trying to find a use for. Eat it on its own or use it in a recipe?

More words and fewer pictures today, but here is a gorgeous view from one of our more recent hikes.


  1. Oh yum! Dinner sounds amazing!! I'm in need of some slow cooker help, I actually just have mine away a couple years ago. Everyone always said how easy it was, but I never once had a success. Anyway, always a good feeling to get caught up on chores!

    1. I've gotta say, I did a lot of crock pot recipes throughout school (easy way to have dinner ready when you get home!), but I don't usually like them. What we have started to do instead is just slow cook the meat in the crock pot by itself. For example, we did the pork ribs in a dry rub in the crock pot for 4 hours on high, then we add sauce and stick them in the oven to crisp for 10-15 minutes. That way you are tasting more than just the sauce since it has cooked in it's own juices all day. Then all veggies are on the side because they just taste better when they are fresher versus in the crock pot for 6 hours of heat! :) The only full meals I'll do in the crock pot are soups and chilis.

  2. We cook spaghetti squash with cream its really good. I too am a cleaning procrastinator. It makes me feel more clear minded when stuff isn't piled up. However usually when I am done its lunch time and then I need a nap.

  3. Yum! That sounds like a good idea. Do you roast it first, shred it, then mix in the cream? Thanks for stopping by!