Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Baby Animals

We used to have little baby farm animals. They were so cute. We held the lambs in our arms like little woolly-cats. I am missing those days now that autumn is just around the corner.

The baby chicks seemed so fragile, especially after losing two. I read everything I could and made sure not to introduce them to wood shavings too early. Replacing their paper towel bedding 3 to 4 times a day...maybe that's something I do not miss.

The little yellow guys are in our freezer now. The orange buff orpingtons have grown into young ladies. They come running to me when I get home from work, looking for food and kind words.

The lambs are beasts now. They are funny. For a bunch of animals who spend all day eating grass with flat teeth, they sure have a set of chompers on them. They like to bite onto my running shorts and it usually goes something like, "Is this food?....Oh no...this isn't food, sorry!"

I miss the baby animals, but I'm so happy we have been able to give them a good life.


  1. I love those lambs!! I really want to get some for my littles to work with, but I have lots of questions, I may be emailing you to pick your farm brain:) great post too!


    1. Ask away! We have read what seems like a million books.They would be the perfect animals for kids :) If we wanted to invest more time in effort in them, we would consider keeping them around for wool & dairy, but for now they are for meat.