Thursday, August 7, 2014

Coffee, coffee, coffee

Our new adventure: roasting coffee beans.

Well, sort of new. S started roasting coffee with a popcorn popper a couple years back. He would order green beans from Sweet Maria's, then spend an entire afternoon outdoors roasting (and sometimes burning) coffee beans. We always said that we wanted a counter top coffee roaster to make the process a little easier and cleaner, but wouldn't fork over the money...until we got a "we miss your business" coupon from Midwest Supplies, where we typically order our homebrew supplies from. S had been researching the roasters for a while and Midwest had it available, so we jumped on it.

 We ordered a Behmor 1600.

We started with just a 1/4 lb. That was the recommended amount...not sure if that is for the machine's benefit or the roaster. Either way, the first 1/4 turned out great.

Ella was impressed. Evenly roasted beans. Much better than the popcorn popper!

We are so excited to see where this goes. The sky is really the limit.We are already starting to talk about selling fresh roasted coffee beans at local farmers markets, investing in a bigger roaster...which will, of course, inevitably lead to traveling the world and touring coffee plantations! You have to have dreams, people!  

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  1. This is awesome!! How fun, I love it- totally agree sky's the limit, I love anything that had open possibilities, it's perfectly dreamy!