Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zee follow up to zee weissbier (Post 2)

The best part of homebrewing is usually the final product and the weissbier turned out great!

After moving from the brew kettle to continue fermentation in a carboy, we kegged the beer and waited with high hopes for a drinkable, summery beer.

I won't bore you with all of the details because I know you are too busy reading about how we killed the chickens. But, here are a few tasting notes mixed in with some beer photos.

When tasting a beer you usually speak to a few qualities: 

The weissbier has a wheaty, fruity scent, both from the malt and from the yeast. 

Head ("foam" at the top)
Decent head retention, these pictures don't reflect it well because I spent too long positioning my glass for pictures :)

Light, true to style for a weissbier.

This beer was carbonated both naturally with corn sugar and with CO2 once S hooked it up to the tank. The carbonation seems just right for a wheat beer. Not too bubbly.

At first taste, the wheat does shine through. Second flavor notes bring in the fruitiness. A bit tart.

Body and Mouthfeel
Light body, very drinkable!

This beer comes in somewhere around 3-4 percent alcohol (we don't have exact measurements). No strong alcohol taste..which is dangerous... :) S's inner beer snob said it was "quite quaffable" which is a fancy way of saying it would be easy to get carried away...

This will likely be a recipe we try to have on tap consistently, with maybe a few tweaks. We learned about cutting some of the German pilsner malt with American pilsner malt to lighten the body and mouth feel at a local homebrew shop. S is currently reading German Wheat Beer in the Classic Beer Style Series to refine some of these recipes. 

And a picture of some of our hydrangeas for fun. Beautiful July!


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