Friday, June 13, 2014

Four little lambs

So, where does it all begin? I'm not sure if we "decided" to raise lambs this summer. After we bought our (first!) home in April, animals just started showing up at our door step. Well, not literally...but it felt like it.

Our home came with all of the typical appliances...washer/dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, 10 hens and a rooster best known as Little Jerry Seinfeld.

Next thing I knew, a local farmer's wife was dropping off 4 little lambs in the back of her Toyota 4Runner. I knew she could tell I was absolutely terrified when she reassured me that lambs are "easy". I can happily agree now that lambs are easy. However, I will say, lambs are NOT easy if you are not prepared for them to be easy. It didn't take long for us to learn that little baby lambs could fit through the gate you see open in the picture above. It took about an hour of herding and "baa-ing", but soon they were back from our neighbor's yard and safely in their home. I was certain we were going to be baaa-d lamb owners.

While we worked on fixing the holes in the fence and large openings in the gate, we knew the sheep would need some safe pasture to graze while we were at work everyday. Next best option: the fenced in dog run next to the house. Two weeks of hand carrying lambs across the driveway, to and from their stall to the dog run. It sounds like a bit of work, but now that they are too big for me to pick up, I actually miss holding them every morning and evening. I imagine this is how parents feel when their babies grow up, especially when they turn into weird people who decide to raise lambs and chickens in their spare time.

All of the hand carrying really paid off. Well, that and teaching the lambs the sound grain makes when it hits their feeders. They will follow you anywhere for grain....

So this is (sort of) where it all started and we will continue to tell our fun and crazy stories of hobby farming, but for good measure (and because everyone loves beer, right?), we will throw in some home brewing for kicks. More to come! 


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