Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chicken little(s)

Our little layers are Buff Orpingtons and they are very friendly. They like us more than the older ladies since we raised them from chicks and have been able to handle them quite a bit.

The buffs have been free-ranging which is anxiety inducing for me, but they are so happy when they are out and about it is hard not to let it happen.

The more we feed and take care of the hens, the more they become "okay" with us too. After a week with no eggs, we were convinced they had stopped laying because of the stress of introducing new members to the flock. Then, on Thursday night, found 19 eggs in the compost pile! They had made themselves a nice little nest. I have also been preparing the coop for the new girls. The previous owners had 40...(yes, four zero) chickens in the coop before they moved. It has been a nightmare to clean, but a great learning experience on why you should keep your flock manageable for the space you have available. I spent last night and this morning whitewashing the chicken coop with hydrated lime (yes, that is still a thing!) Then treated myself to a post-whitewashing yummy beer.


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