Monday, June 23, 2014

Chicken D-Day (planning ahead)

Today's conversation went something like this...

"When did we get the chickens?" - Me
"May 8th, they will be 7 weeks on Thursday." - S
"We have to kill them soon..." - Me

Is that normal? I have no idea.

We have been planning Chicken D-Day even before S sent me the meeting invitation at work (our co-workers think we are nuts).

Like I mentioned before, the meat birds are "7 pounds in 7 weeks", so I accepted and was thankful that the location was set to "outside".

It is honestly amazing the wealth of knowledge you can find about processing your own chickens on the internet. I never thought I would find myself watching YouTube videos, trying to find the best way to butcher a chicken. We have given it a lot of thought and want to make sure that we are careful, don't waste anything, and value the life that is giving us food. We are taking it very seriously (note the meeting invite).

I plan to blog about Chicken D-Day (fair warning for anyone who is not into that sort of thing). I'm not sure it will be this Saturday because we are letting the birds forage a bit more than people usually do. From what I have read online, a lot of people like to fatten up their birds by feeding them a lot of grain. We felt like the birds looked unhealthy and got some advice from a local farmer on  moving the chicken tractor more often and letting them walk around and get some exercise. Now I am only feeding them about a half gallon of grain once per day (between 5 birds) and plenty of water. He said that you may have to wait 1-2 extra weeks to process them, but that they look less like a factory-farmed chicken and much healthier. I have to agree. I will plan to include the post within a link so that anyone just visiting the blog won't be exposed to any graphic photos they may not have signed up for.

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